An Introduction – Why I’m Writing and Rededication

I’ll be honest, I’m probably not the best at introductions. Off the internet, I’m actually kind of shy in many, if not most situations to some extent and probably even shyer (and even secretive) about my craft. All up until I get to know you, otherwise I can be quite out there (I always have been).

This blog will serve a number of purposes. Some of which I know and some of which are yet to be revealed to me and this blog will honestly probably only exist for as long as I need to want it. Like many people I’ve seen who think of starting up a serious blog, I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for months, but never quite knew how to start or why. Somehow, today became the perfect day (in my mind anyway)…
Before I get into how it became “the perfect day”, I want to talk a little bit about myself and my craft. If you’re here, you may or may not already know that I’m what would most consider to be a witch. As of writing this, I primarily consider myself to be a hedgewitch and a chaos magician. At the very least, this is where my main background for my current craft lies (though there are definitely other places I’ve been and currently am, such as daemonolatry and Luciferianism. And I was even briefly Neo-Wiccan and then a Christian witch back when I first started). A lot of my craft revolves around my work with spirits, energy, and the otherworld. Often I work in very intuitive ways, rarely I reference spells or resources directly when working.I do a lot of things on the spot, via improv, mentally referencing knowledge, guidance via spirits, or any other way that suits me (but who knows if this will change). I also spend a lot of time with energy manipulation, meditation, and other (and to some extent eclectic) details of my craft.

There’re certain things in my craft that have and probably always will be a constant. Spirits (and of course magic). I love spirits, energy, and mingling with them. I have a love for demons and many other types of spirits. They peak my curiosity and give me a feeling of life and excitement. Many of spirits I treat as good friends and family (if they aren’t already my family in some way).

I’m also an empath, I have mediumship abilities. I can talk, see, and hear spirits of all kinds and have been able to for a long time. Of course, I could try to go into every bit of my craft and my abilities. (And to be fair this is also why spirits is also a constant. Because I can communicate so clearly, ignoring spirits isn’t exactly an easy thing to accomplish). But instead of trying to go into too much, I’ll say that I have a lot to talk about and I can’t wait to share more about myself, my craft, my musings and whatever else I have to offer as my time here goes on and in other posts (and this excites me quite a bit).

…And so how did this day become the day versus others?

I woke up this morning (well, afternoon. I suppose I was much more tired than usual… though it also doesn’t help that I was up all night). When I did I realize today is the solstice, but I had yet to plan anything to do. As I meditated on what to do I felt as if today was a good day to start the blog I’ve been considering and I felt as if today would be a good day to do my rededication ceremony to my craft.

A bit of background: About four or five years ago, I did my first dedication to my craft. At this point, I had already been practicing for a while (Note: I was probably practicing for a good, four or five years already when I did this ritual.So by now I’m nearing anything between 8-10 years of doing this).

In recent months, I had planned to do a rededication ceremony. Reason being that this year something triggered with my craft. I began to realize how far I’ve gotten and where I’m lacking. As a result, I realized just how long I’ve been practicing and perhaps maybe I have things to offer others more so than I originally thought. This triggered my need to rededicate myself. I had it planned, but I never had it done, until today. Frankly, part of it may be that I want too much. I had my heart set on getting my hands on making something commemorative (or buying something at least). This also triggered me to begin writing a book, whether it’d actually be published or not.

(I often joke that I’m “marrying my craft”. Though in some ways this is extremely true, and after doing my rededication today around dusk this feeling came up once again. The feeling that in some ways I am marrying my craft more than ever. It’s not just a dedication. Especially in that moment of ritual, or in my case meditative reflection and solitude, but it’s so much more. This has been especially true this time around).

Unfortunately, I’m pretty broke. And so this got put off further and further and it never got done (oddly it was only because there was a stone I wanted and kept forgetting to get for the ring I was going to make for the occasion).

I thought a bit more for a moment on if this was really the right time. I wanted my dedication to be something special, something I could have a reminder from and continuously as I grow. The reason I wanted this, as I mentioned above. Then this morning, a feeling made me realize that this blog may be that “special thing” to commemorate my rededication (the dedication both times was pretty simple by the way).

My nervous self-decided to head for my tarot cards and try out a reading on this decision just to be sure. Do I start the blog? (Basically, I already decided to rededicate, since it felt like a good time. The only thing stopping me was not having that “special thing”. But with the blog, it seemed as if I finally did even if it wasn’t the more personal item I wanted and could carry with me).

As I mindlessly reach for my cards from my bag I somehow found myself holding my laptop instead (and I only realized what I was doing when one of my spirits got my attention with a strong “what are you doing”?… I was nearly about to open it at this point). This seemed like a pretty decent sign that doing this on some level was a good idea. At the very least it resonates with me somehow. (Though if it wasn’t I probably wouldn’t have been thinking about it so seriously in the first place).

I still did the reading, though. According to my cards doing this could be good for me. Though recently it’s been looking as if my guides and other spirits have decided to leave me to figure things out myself for the most part for a while, they decided to come in and say a bit about this decision. It seems to me that they say starting something like this fulfills a lot of things that I need (both personal and nonpersonal).
What I think primarily made this “perfect” was more so that it was able to hit something that meant something to me (rededicating myself to my craft), as well as the day and timing. Between the day and timing and the many other things that I feel “fit” this, (and I feel this would have been the same for any other way I decided to commemorate my rededication) I feel that my starting this blog signifies something important in recognizing the phase I’ve entered with my craft.


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